About ASNT Communities & FAQ

What is this site?

ASNT Communities is an interactive social site created to provide the opportunity for NDT professionals all over the world to work together, share knowledge, and build their networks in one online space. The site includes workspaces ASNT committees to have discussions, upload and download files, and more.

Please also read our Rules and Code of Conduct.

How do I log in?

You must log in to Communities using your MyASNT login. This is the login that you use for the asnt.org website to register for conferences, purchase books, check your certification and more.

You can get to the Communities site in two different ways:

1) Visit http://tc.asnt.org (that's this site) and click “Sign In” in the upper-right hand corner. You will be re-directed to the MyASNT login screen. Log in and you'll be redirected back as your logged-in self.

2) Login to MyASNT through www.asnt.org and visit the “About” Section. On the left there will be a link to “ASNT Communities” and you can enter through the landing page there.


I went to an ASNT committee, but it says I don't have access. Why?

Only committee members can add or interact with content in that committee. If you are not a committee member, you either may not interact with it, or may be prohibited from viewing it entirely. Different committees and councils have certain requirements for membership. You can learn more about committee structures at www.asnt.org/structure.

But I'm a committee member. How come I'm locked out?

Everything that is currently in the communities site (your name, committee associations, etc.) are all based on what we have in our internal database. The coding for your membership in a committee is done through our database.

If you are not listed as a committee member in ASNT Communities to a committee of which you believe you are a member, you will need to verify your participation with ASNT Member Services. Call 1-800-222-2768 ext. 216 with additional questions.

Posting and Files

I want to post something. How do I do that?

The [+NEW] button is one of the easiest ways to create content. Depending on what page you are on, you will be offered different options to add forum posts, blogs, upload files, or create events. This button only appears in areas in which you have permissions to interact with content.

Files. I need to upload or download files. Where do I do that?

In your committees or groups, you may see a big button that says "File Uploads."

When you click on that, you will be taken to your committee/group file management area, where you can access folders or specific files.

I want to upload or download multiple files at once. Can I do that?

Unfortunately you cannot do that at this time. We are looking into a solution for that.

Tutorial Videos

For the more hands-on visual learners, We’ve put together some video tutorials that explain and demonstrate some of the key features that you will be using on the site. They can be found on our YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL55T-1jl9pN4xw4F6nENF35UdfFSgecfj.

You can also just dive in and explore!

The answers I seek are not on this page...

We're sorry about that, but there are too many aspects of this site that we cannot simply contain them on one page.

If you'd like, visit our Communities Help Forum and post your question or issue there to be answered by an ASNT Staff Person or other member of the ASNT Community site. Hopefully this can help get your issue resolved.