Upcoming Changes to ASNT Communities

We'd like to thank you for participating on the ASNT Communities Site. As the site has been slowly growing, we're seeing more and more potential for those in the NDT industry to gain value from the site and from others who may be using it. With that, we'd like to make you aware of some changes coming to the appearance and functionality of the site.

A Social Focus.

One major component of this site was the ability for committees to conduct business. This component is being migrated to Microsoft Sharepoint and after that migration is complete, it will be removed from this site. In turn, this site will become focused more on social interaction: discussions, blogs, and special interactive content.

A New Homepage.

As it stands now, the homepage hosts a great deal of static content. Moving forward, the layout will change to display activity relevant to your account, discussions you are involved in, the groups you've joined, as well as links to featured content.

More Feature Content.

We'll be publishing regular content that you'll be able to bookmark, subscribe to, share, and in some cases, comment on. You will begin seeing these features soon. They include: The Executive Director's Letter; Ask the President; Technically Speaking w/Jim Houf; Practitioner Profiles; and Industry Buzz. Additional features and opportunities will be forthcoming.

Please expect these changes to gradually take place over the next couple months. We will do our best to communicate the changes as they are made.

We appreciate your participation and welcome your thoughts and feedback on the site so that we can make improvements and changes to maximize your satisfaction with the site.


The ASNT Communities Team