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I am from Denver and recently I volunteered to put together and education outreach program in our section to present to our next meeting. As I started putting together the strategy I invoked a conversation with ASNT International office and was told that many Sections already have this program in place. An attempt was made to reach out to other section through the ASNT Community Social Media Page. As I sent every section in the page an invite to see if I could touch base with one, I was Automatically rejected from all indicating that I am not allowed to contact any other section of reach out to them through the ASNT Community. So I was told I could post here to try and reach them.

My recommendation is to allow members to join any section they choose so as to stimulate inter sectional interaction.

Sharing will allow us to multiply our efforts in line with the Global Vision of ASNT.

Would someone give me the reason behind not allowing people to join any section they choose? And even participate in any section they choose? Even participate in all section if they choose...

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  • Debbie Segor, our Sections Coordinator and I were talking and we have resources, volunteer Section Leaders who are responsible for educational programming for their sections, that we could put you in contact with. I know you are an ASNT Colorado Section member, are you also a Section Leader there? Were you at the meeting last week?
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    yes I was at the meeting last week including spoke with Brad while here... How about those references here? post please!! I need to give continuity to the call to action by my section. I am a do'er. Lets do this?
  • ASNT Members are assigned to a primary section based on their geographical location, but can request a section affiliation change by contacting Member Services. ASNT members are welcome and encouraged to participate in as many ASNT section activities as they'd like. Your primary section may be ASNT Colorado Section, but your welcome to attend an ASNT San Diego Section meeting. To help support this the ISC staff lists and links section websites at Sections who share information (dates, locations) about their upcoming meetings are included in each edition of Section News, printed monthly in Materials Evaluation and available online.
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    I like to be objective. I am not looking at changing from any section> Not sure how you got that impression. Obrjectively. Like I said. i am developing an educational outreach and wanted to reach out to other sections that are doing the same. Am I not able to participate in the ASNT Community of any other Section to see what they are doing or to collaborate on anything?
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    Does a member have the right to participate in more than one section if he lives and works in separate locations? Can one be part of one section and still attend meetings in other sections?
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    Yes, members are welcome to attend section meetings outside their local area.