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I was going through the councils and found that some of them do not allow for participation indicating messages as follows below.

Request to Join Regional Directors Division
Members of this committee are selected by an election process. If you want more information, click the button below to request further information.

Request to Join Section Operations Council
Membership in the Section Operations Council is open to all members at large. Click the Apply button to submit your request. Your membership in the council will be added once your active membership is verified.
No Confirmation after clicking on Apply.

Request to Join University Programs Committee
Members of this committee must be a current member of the Research Council, and be appointed to this committee by the Council Chair. If you want more information, click the button below to request further information.

In the communities - I tried to join several committees and there is no option to join.
University Programs Committee
You do not have access to this group. Some ASNT committees are filled by appointment only. Others require a formal application process for consideration. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact ASNT for more information.

I am asking simply to start off to be able to see the items in each to be able to follow along until such time where I am ready to input. Are these pages (in the name of transparency open to the associate members? 

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  • I went to an ASNT committee, but it says I don't have access. Why? Only committee members can add or interact with content in that committee. If you are not a committee member, you either may not interact with it, or may be prohibited from viewing it entirely. This does not actually answer my question for I am wanting to see what is actually happening in the spirit of transparency and inclusion. do I have the right to know what is going on in my Council for the ASNT community I participate?
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    Heather Cowles Reponse - At this time, only members recorded to a specific section can post and interact (respond/comment) with posts on their section’s space under ASNT Connect in the ASNT Community. ASNT Society in the ASNT Community works similarly. Only those who are coded as committee members can post, review and interact with members, documents and posts if they are a recorded (or coded) member of a Council/Division/Committee. ASNT Pro in the ASNT Community is more open
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    I feel this does a disservice to its members limiting people to only be able to communicate with the section where they belong unless they go through the Hierarchical process. This not only overloads the already overworked Section leaders, regional directors, and administrative staff, whom are wanting tools that create true collaboration, but also limits the members from being able to help each other out and multiply with information that can be useful across the boards.
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    heather Cowles Response. We have received all your Council/Division/Committee membership requests you’ve submitted online in the last 42 hours. We are forwarding to the varying Council/Division/Committee chairs for their committee considerations. Some committees require that a member provide a summary of their qualifications and reason for applying to serve on their particular committee. Also, some committees require that you attend one of the meetings in person before accepting your membership. Each Council’s Rules of Conduct outlines their own process for this. If a Chair notifies us that their committee has accepted you, then you will be granted access to the Council/Division/Committee workspace in ASNT Society in the ASNT Community. Accepted Council/Division/Committee members are granted unrestricted document review and forum participation.
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    first, let me respond to the request to participate. My intent is to learn about what is happening within each community in the spirit of transparency and to be able to contribute at some point in time when I feel I have something to contribute. Is there still a need for approval? If I do not get this approval, will I not be allowed to have access to the information in each?