Welcome to the ASNT Advertisers Community

Welcome! I’m Jessica Miller, Advertising Supervisor at ASNT and I’m excited to work with you in this space to help you gain the most for your advertising dollar. I am here to help you!

We've started this space to assist you in several ways:

Your Questions Answered

Have some questions about advertising or thoughts on what might work for you? Post a question for discussion in the forum and I'll help you find the best solution!

Reminders and Announcements

I'll be using this group to send out reminders and advertising availability throughout the year. Stay informed to get more value for your dollar.

Exclusive Advertising Specials

As a member of this group, you'll have exclusive access and first knowledge of specials that we'll be offering over the course of the year. These pop-up specials will only be offered through this group and will be limited offers. These specials are of course, in addition to this year's packages outlined in the media planner.

I’m excited to see this area grow and be able to interact so easily with you all.  This group can only grow with your help, so please spread the word!

I know that I probably know many of you, but please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group.

Thanks again and welcome!

Jessica Miller
Advertising Supervisor, ASNT
(614)274-6003 X209
(800)222-2878 X209