Rules and Code of Conduct

Thank you for being a part of the ASNT Communities Site. We look forward to your conversations and insight on the profession of nondestructive testing. To ensure that things run smoothly and everyone gets a chance to be heard, we’d like to provide some guidelines for conduct on the site.

Keep discussions relevant and appropriate.
This site is here to allow you the opportunity to gain knowledge about the NDT profession from other NDT professionals. Please ensure that things you post (generally or within individual threads) fulfill that goal. Please make appropriate posts that are designed to evoke discussion.

Examples of inappropriate posts include:
**Off-topic discussion in forums
**Harassing, abusive, or threatening
**Attacking individuals or groups
**Derogatory, unprofessional, or disrespectful
**Harmful to minors, obscene/pornographic, objectionable, or in violation of any U.S. law
** Infringing on intellectual property, privacy or other rights of third parties
**Promotional, spam, or jobs (see below)

No spam, self-promotion, or direct sales pitches.
We understand the need for NDT professionals and businesses to share information to build their professional networks. However, to keep the forum as productive as possible, we ask that you refrain from posting unsolicited sales pitches or promotional material, unless otherwise permitted.

HOW DO YOU KNOW if you are promoting a business/organization, product or self, or spamming?
Simple: if you begin a thread or post an unsolicited or off-topic message or comment that
** Promotes a product or service (commercial, paid, or free), blog or website, free download, a LinkedIn Group or other social networking community, or an event
** Requires clicking on a link to access information (i.e. news, blog, or resource announcements)
** Self-promotional (holiday/religious greetings, personal introductions, requests to connect, etc)
** Is continually reposted in one forum or throughout the site. Once is enough.

Those who continuously violate this rule may be subject to warning or removal from forums or the site entirely.

No harassing, discriminatory, or abusive language.
Please be respectful of others if they may disagree with you or are of a different culture, technical discipline, or background. Also, make sure the language stays clean: we ARE professionals, after all.

Represent yourself faithfully and accurately.
We think it’s important for you to be yourself, so don’t pretend to be someone (or something) you’re not.

 Examples of inaccurate representation include:
** Claiming credentials, titles, or expertise that you do not have
** Representing a group, organization, or company for which you are not lawfully allowed
** Promoting a business, product, or service without disclosing affiliation with that company or organization (see spam/promotional guidelines)
** Using a name other than your own
** Using third-party or copyrighted materials (including logos, slogans, etc)

Breaking these rules may result in your access to ASNT Communities being revoked.
We want you here, but users of this site who break the ASNT Community Guidelines, may receive a reminder or may be removed and/or blocked without additional notice. Site rules may be changed at any time, with changes reflected here.