Industry Buzz: Creaform Invests in Engineering Education

LEVIS, QUEBEC -- Creaform announced it will sponsor 12 engineering students’ projects. Now in its third year, Creaform’s Student Project Sponsorship Program received more than 85 applications from over 100 student teams around the world.

Selected teams are participating in competitions, such as Aero Design, Clean Snowmobile, Formula (Hybrid, Electric), Baja, Supermileage—part of SAE International’s Collegiate Design Series—as well as other diversified projects.

The selected teams hail from over eight different countries, including China, Japan, and Australia—a first for the program—and have received a complete package that includes: Creaform’s metrology-grade 3D scanner for cutting-edge of reverse engineering; VXmodel and VXinspect reverse engineering and dimensional inspection software modules; complimentary technical assistance from Creaform’s customer support teams worldwide; and customary training and tips to make the best use of Creaform’s 3D scanners and software solutions.

To top it off, each team will be paired with one of Creaform’s experienced application engineers who will act as a mentor by providing advice and practical know-how when needed. “As a former mechanical engineering student, I am extremely proud to be offering the next generation of engineers the unique opportunity to experience the performance of professional-grade tools,” said François Leclerc, product manager and head of the educational program. “Not everyone gets to experience such high-level technology first hand, even when working in the industry.”

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