Industry Buzz: New Commercial Spaceflight Standards Group Launches 8 May

ASTM International, one of the world’s leading standards organizations, announced today that its committee on commercial spacelight (F47) will hold its first official meeting 8-9 May at the Commercial Spaceflight Federation in Washington, D.C.

“The commercial spaceflight industry is growing dramatically and driving innovation every day,” said ASTM International president Katharine Morgan. “ASTM International is pleased to help convene the experts and leaders who are building a strong technical foundation for the future of this exciting field.”

More than 50 industry and government officials have been involved in organizational activities for the new committee.

“The formation of this committee allows the industry to demonstrate its commitment to the safety of commercial spaceflight while recognizing the importance of innovation in propelling the industry forward,” said Mack Reiley, the committee’s chair and an expert in aerospace regulations.

According to organizers, the group will initially focus on creating a standards roadmap for commercial spaceflight, which could include occupant safety standards for orbital and suborbital vehicles, launch and reentry vehicles, spaceports, and more.

The committee is forming in part as a result of the updated U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act of 2015.

For more information on efforts to develop standards for commercial spaceflight, read this cover story from the current issue of Standardization News magazine.

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