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The NDT Practitioner Profiles are published in ASNT's quarterly newsletter, the NDT Technician. These Q&As highlight the contributions, insight, and accomplishments of NDT technical practitioners. Unless otherwise noted, they are written by Toni Kervina through April 2017, and thereafter by Haley Cowans, Associate Editor. Learn more about the NDT Technician at www.asnt.org/tnt

  • Practitioner Profile: Tara M. Kavanaugh

    • | 2 Jul 2018
    Tara M. Kavanaugh is the senior quality assurance administrator at Magellan Aerospace Processing. She became an ASNT NDT Level III in liquid penetrant testing at 23 years old, and is now also an ASNT NDT Level III in magnetic particle testing. S...
  • Practitioner Profile: Ronald L. Barker, Jr.

    • | 8 Jan 2018
    Ronald L. Barker, Jr. started his NDT career during his time in the United States Marine Corps, and went on to perform nondestructive inspections for Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1), which provides transportation for the president of the Unite...
  • Practitioner Profile: Marybeth Miceli

    • | 2 Oct 2017
    Marybeth Miceli is the president and founder of Miceli Infrastructure Consulting, LLC and the cofounder of We-NDT Marketing Network, and currently works full time with Metal Fatigue Solutions. As a materials science engineer, Miceli has worked in man...
  • Practitioner Profile: Michael L. Carrier

    • | 3 Jul 2017
    Michael L. Carrier is the senior nondestructive inspector at Textron Aviation. He is an ASNT NDT Level II in UT and MT, and is pursuing Level II certification in PT and VT, as well. Carrier is a graduate of the NDT program at the Southeast Community ...
  • Practitioner Profile: Peter Pelayo

    • | 3 Apr 2017
    Peter Pelayo currently holds an ASNT NDT Level III certificate and works in quality assurance at Met-L-Chek. He has over a decade of experience in quality certification and operation, most recently in the field of aviation and aerospace. Pelayo is a ...
  • Practitioner Profile: Michael W. Allgaier

    • | 12 Dec 2016
    Michael W. Allgaier is an experienced training and certification consultant with more than 20 years’ experience. He is a leader in visual testing (VT) method, active on ASNT committees, and a prolific writer and presenter for its publications. ...
  • Practitioner Profile: David Johnson

    • | 15 Feb 2016
    Field Supervisor David Johnson has been described by colleague and former ASNT Director at Large Scott Cargill as a true success story. “He is the one tech I am most proud of,” said Cargill.
  • Practitioner Profile: James "Mac" McCoy

    • | 14 Dec 2015
    When his active duty in the United States Navy ended, James “Mac” McCoy transitioned to industrial NDT in the Cherry Point, North Carolina area, where he worked as a member of the regular production NDT crew for Fleet Readiness Center East.
  • Practitioner Profile: Christopher A. Black

    • | 24 Nov 2015
    Christopher A. Black is the recipient of the Lou DiValerio Technician of the Year Award for 2015. This award is made annually to an individual demonstrating exceptional merit as an NDT technician or in service to the Society.