Welcome to NDT Pro -- Say Hello and Introduce Yourself

Welcome to NDT Pro! This is an area in which you can engage in discussions about all facets of the NDT Profession, from exploring research to sharing technical expertise. In this area, you can find:

- Discussion forums in which you can post comments or questions. Currently, there is only one area titled "General Discussion" but that could expand to more specific topics.

- Technically Speaking with Jim Houf, which is a blog area in which Jim Houf, ASNT Senior Manager of Technical Services answers the most common or interesting questions from NDT professionals all over the world.

- NDT Industry Buzz: Here, you can subscribe to a feed of the latest news releases in the NDT industry.

We will update the area as it grows, but please take advantage of the opportunity to share your wisdom with us.

For those of you who may be new to NDT Pro or ASNT communities, feel free to post a little hello message here and introduce yourself if you’re so inclined.

Thanks and welcome!

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