I currently work at a small time Ndt facility and im certified level 2 in MP and LP under Nas 410-4 at my current employer. Now i want to further that as far as possible and get qualified in other methods, and was told a asnt certification will follow me if I quit my current employment but my nas 410 won't.  I've looked into the NDT & ACCP and wondering the major differences between them and if i can do either without an employer.

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  • ACCP is the best route if you want your certifications to follow you.
  • Ensentially, The ACCP program includes a practical examination, where the NDT program does not. In both cases they are considered 3rd party and will follow you where ever you decide to go. The L2 and L3 programs (Level 2 and 3) establish basically the General Exam and Specific Exam requirements for certification, which a future employer may at their option and discretion accept as meeting the need to sit for a general and specific exam, but NOT the need for the practical exam. ACCP utilizes the same systems as the L2 and L3 programs with the addition of adding the practical exams. NAS 410 is very similar to SNT-TC-1A and CP-189 in that it is a certification program or scheme all three are employer specific in that once you leave that employer your certificate of qualification issued by that employer becomes null and void. Hope this helped.

    Scott Cargill - ACCP Division Chair

    ASNT ACCP L3 - 110835

  • I echo Scott's reply below and would add.... Over the next 24 months the ACCP program will be revitalized to include more industry sectors, enhanced practical examinations and over time will be more widely accepted as the 3rd party certification . I will be encouraging all to achieve their ACCP certifications and would recommend the same to you