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Dear All... Good evening... Please what is correct answer of the below question:

  1. Which gas is only used in the chamber of a gaseous ionization detector:
  2. Co2
  3. N
  4. O2
  5. Co

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  • Co2 is carbon Dioxide, N is Nitrogen, o2 is oxygen and Co is cobalt. given the choices the answer none of the above. Gaseous ionization chambers are filled with one of the Nobel Gases. For example Helium, Argon, Xenon, Radon, Krypton, and Neon. Typically the gas is either Argon or Helium both of which are inert gases. so... With that in mind, from the options given for the question I would choose Co2 .
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    Thank you Mr. James, These days I'm studying for RT level III exam, and I have more questions, I don't know the correct answer. I hope you have time to reply these questions. Regards.
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