How would I go about finding a mentor in NDT for structural steel (AWS D1.1)?

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  • What exactly are you looking for? Someone to teach you, or assist in correct interpretations?
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    All of that if its available. I'd to find a willing party to answer questions and offer general guidance.
  • In reply to Justin Mixon: Global Community is a real good place to start. And I am willing to assist when you need.
  • I have spent most of my career as a welder and a CWI working out of AWS D1.1. I would be glad to assist with questions you might have!
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    I got my UT level II in November of last year. I'm really wanting to improve my inspection ability all the way around. Other than hands on instruction/coaching what other suggestions could you make? Any exercises or drills?
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    Well it seems that you are on the right track! You have your CWI and level II in UT! If your enjoy what your doing, do more of it! I always hear from employers, "cross train, get good at a lot of different things", while I agree with this to an extent, I prefer to focus more attention to a select few things that I really enjoy doing. I find that working at something you enjoy makes it seem less like work! I would suggest reading, AWS inspection trends, any type of topics posted to this forum regarding inspection. Also consider taking NDT courses at a community college. this would let you receive hands on training and also you might come out with a few qualifications. If you are committed to becoming a full blown inspector, consider working for a inspection/consulting company in your area. Or if you don't want to leave your current employer ask around and see if there are some TPI's that would let you shadow them on the weekends. You might not get paid, but a good education pays off in the long run.
  • There are several NDT companies in your area, some do contact UT on welds, some immersion UT on aerospace components. If you have some experience you should be able to get plenty of hands on training and experience. James Ewing
  • Justin I'm not sure where you are located, but if you are willing and able to relocate to south Florida, QC Laboratories is looking for help. We will cross train in RT, MT, PT, ET and PAUT. If you are interested email your resume' to
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    Thank you but I'm not looking to relocate. I'd like to find another level III willing to supervise and maybe do the class room time for MT and PT.