Meaning of the scanning rate in Halogen diode detector

Good day, Experts. 

I have a question about ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Sec. V.

Article 10, Leak Testing shows that determination about scanning rate of the halogen diode detector (III-1061, III-1063 and III-1075).

It says that scanning rate shall not exceed that which can detect leakage rate from the leak standard (maximum leakage rate Q).

Most of translations say that the scanning rate means a scanning speed.

Does it mean that any scanning speed can be adopted which that can catch a leakage rate under the Q value?

(For example, where the maximum leakage rate Q determined as 1 X 10-4 std cm3/s, under the Q value is 1 X 10-5 std cm3/s, 1 X 10-6 std cm3/s … etc.)

Thank you for all your opinions and contributions