Lecturer and training organization requirements for training acc. to ASNT SNT-TC-1A

Dear gentlemen,

our organization is working for years on the market of NDT personnel qualification and we are regularly struggling with explanation of employer qualification systems, e.g. SNT-TC-1A.

I open this topic to get a clear YES/NO answer (with possible small explanation) to the following two questions, that we can't explain to the customers, because the competition  often say otherwise. Please consider only the raw SNT-TC-1A requirements (of course the Written Practice may adjust many things to make it more strict, but lets forget this option for this moment).

1) The lecturer performing a training acc. to ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A must have the ASNT Level 3 certificate?

2) The outside agency performing a training acc. to ASNT Recommended Practice SNT-TC-1A for an employer must be approved by ASNT?

Note: The questions are arragned this way on purpose to make a strong answer.

Answer from an ASNT representative would be appreciated.

Thank you very much

Zbynek Zavadil, Czech Republic

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  • 1) No! There are no ASNT documents that require those conducting training to SNT-TC-1A to have an ASNT Level III certificate. 2) No! There are no ASNT documents that require outside agencies performing training to SNT-TC-1A to be approved by ASNT. Unfortunately this is not the first time this type of false information has been disseminated. The industry needs to be accurately informed so NDT personnel qualification and certification can be the best it can be. False or misleading information, for what ever the reason, only confuses ASNT's and the NDT communities objective to deliver high performance tests, inspections and examinations. Best regards, Michael L. Turnbow ASNT Past President ASNT Past Board Member ASNT Past Certification Management Council Chairman ASNT Certified Level III Past US Delegate to ISO NDT Standards Development Past Electric Power Research Institute NDE Steering Committee Chairman Current Chairman, ASME NDE Personnel Qualification and Certification Project (ANDE)
  • Hello. It also depends on your customer's requirements and / or your own written practice. At times, customer's may have requirements for who performs the training. However, as was stated in the previous reply, ASNT approval is not something that is out there.
  • Hi Refer SNT-TC-1A, you can modify the requirements according to your need. Same apply for NDT trainer and the outside engaged agency, it doesnt mention that outside agency shall be certified by the ASNT. However CP-189 clearly define the requirements for the trainer. Hope it will help you.
  • In reply to Michael Turnbow:

    Am I correct in saying that under SNT-TC-1A it is basically up to the employer to decide what amount of training and experience they choose to accept as qualifying their NDT personnel to the level(s) they are certified to?