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The company I work for specializes in non-metallic inspections.  I have been working to obtain Level III certification through ASNT, and I am currently certified as a Level II in VT and I am half-way to my Level II certification in UT.  My goal (set forth by our owner) is to be able to certify our company's inspectors to our company SNTC-TC-1A certification policy. Our original goal was for me to obtain the Level III ASNT certification so that we had all the requirements of SNT-TC-1A in house to self certify our inspectors, and long-term this is still the plan.  Our company specializes in non-metallic inspections and as such there are very few training options available to us in our field.

It has become obvious that this will take longer than our owner originally expected, and he is now considering hiring ASNT Level III services to certify our company's Inspection Certification Program so that we can Certify our Inspectors to our Corporate Program.  Does this seem like an acceptable NDT industry path to certify our inspectors?  If so, what is the best path to finding a Level III who can work with us to certify our company's Program?

Thanks for your advice.

Tom Haber

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  • Tom - There are a number of company's that do that. The owner (employer) is still responsible for the written practice, overall certification, etc.; but can contract out a Level III to assist with administration of the program, including testing, etc. Depending on where your company is located, I may be able to provide suggestions. Regards, Bill Jensen
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    Thanks William. Our company is in FL, near Tampa. If you have any local suggestions I would be happy to hear them. So far it appears my closest assistance would be from Atlanta. Tom Haber
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    Tom - There may be someone at National Inspection & Consulting in Ft. Meyers who's ASNT Level III. If you don't have any luck, please feel free to consider Ridgewater College as an independent alternative to a for-profit organization. You can read more about us at: www.ridgewater.edu/.../NDT.aspx Best Regards, Bill Jensen