Plaque type IQI use.


I usually use wire type IQI's, however I have a test piece which requires the use of a plaque type IQI. My test piece is FE and is 1mm (0.04in) thick. My question is, which IQI should I use when looking for 2% sensitivity?

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  • It is uncommon to RT sheet of 1mm. Typically in such uncommon inspections the Level III (working with the customer) determines whether the inspection objective can be met by proving the ability to detect expected discontinuities. In some cases they may agree to use the smallest available IQI (in US that is a .12Fe), and either the 2T or 1T hole – it is unlikely you would achieve true 2T representation. RT may be the wrong method. UT plate or surface may be better, but UT is not my forté. How about eddy current?
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    What code is it being x-rayed to? usually the code would dictate the IQI size. Additionally, it would likely be better served x-raying with an x-ray tube vs a gamma source.