I have been doing NDT for about 10 years and have  level II in RT,PT,UT,MT,VT and i want to obtain my level III in RT and PT was going to go the API route but feel as if the market is flooded with API inspectors and Iam looking for some guidance on the proper avenues and any advice that could help me along the way any tricks or study advice . Also what more info should i study that I would not really be familiar with be that i have only worked in  oil and gas 

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  • The question of market flooded with api inspectors is totally relative to the location you are in. Still a lot of the locations over the world have certifications but not qualifications. There has been a recent article in INSPECTIONEERING regarding certification VS qualification and gaining insight of the NDT and real philosophy of the whole activity, one can fill this gap and strive to be competitive, nevertheless, wish you great success.