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Difficulties may be encountered when a “C” scan is made during a shear wave immersion test because:

  1. The velocity shift from longitudinal to shear wave makes calibration uncertain
  2. Slow velocity of shear wave requires slow scan rates
  3. Interface synchronization may not be possible for gating.
  4. Focusing is distorted due to the incident angel

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  • Let's remove the ones we know are not correct. 1. The velocities of longitudinal and shear are known so calibration is not a problem. 2. Shear velocity is slower however it is still fast enough for automated c-scans. 3. It is true that interface gating may not be possible since there will not be an entry signal to latch your gate to. I would say this answer is the most correct because the c-scan is determined by your gating parameters. 4. Focusing is consideration for the test but can be determined by calculations.
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    Many thanks for clarification.
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