Hello All,

I am due to re-certify NAS 410 level 2 this year however, I also want to obtain my ASNT level III. If I recert for my level 2s the certify level 3s a couple of months later then what happens to my level it replaced by my level 3?

What if my level 2 consisted of specific and hands on test but my level 3 was through ASNT with no specific and hands in testing....can I use the specific and hands in testing from my level 2s to justify NAS 410 level 3s?


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  • Danielle, NAS 410 allows you to consider your passing of an ASNT III exam as a score of 80% on your NAS 410 III General exam only (Subject to your written practice). You would still be required to pass a Level III Specific and Practical (procedure) Exam. Your NAS 410 Level III would replace your level II, however if you are processing parts you would still need to pass the level II hands on examinations. Hope this helps, call if you have questions.