Ask the President: Starting a Career in NDT

Q: After nearly a decade, I’ve decided to pursue a career change into nondestructive testing (NDT) inspection. Where should I start?

President Kevin Smith answers:

I am glad to hear that you have decided to take up a career in NDT inspection. I have made a career in NDT and found it very rewarding which I am sure you will as well. I would suggest that you start by investigating the NDT programs offered at a number of community colleges. The ASNT website has a listing of many of these programs at

If there is a local ASNT section in your area, I also suggest that you attend a section meeting and discuss your interests. Members are very forthcoming with their experiences and will have information regarding the NDT techniques that are done in various industry sectors and the work environment in your area. You can get information on local sections at

The ASNT Communities site also has social media capability to connect with other members who can answer many specific questions.

I wish you the best in what I am sure will be a challenging and rewarding career.


Kevin Smith
President, ASNT

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  • Good evening Mr. president,

    I have made several attempts at trying to join committees with little success and after this months meeting and talking with the Section leader Greg Garcia, was told that to join committees it is through the main office. We did discuss the possibility of meeting up with some of the committee members at the conference in new Orleans but was hoping to get information prior to the conference. Would you be able to help in opening the doors to be able to at least view some of the information that is currently being shared in these committees from a informational prospective?

    Anything would be great.

    Thanks for your help.

    Thiago Cross (601)415-7502

  • I'm preparing for the level 3 basic test. Does the ASNT level 3 basic refresher course cover all the information that's on the test?