Each month, ASNT Executive Director, Dr. Arny Bereson, writes a letter to the NDT community highlighting progress and news within ASNT and the NDT Industry as well as reflecting on observations made at the events and programs he attends as the E.D. These monthly letters also appear in their respective issues of Materials Evaluation.

  • ASNT New Year’s Resolutions

    • | 22 Jan 2018
    WELCOME TO 2018! This year, why not affirm your New Year’s resolutions with ASNT in mind? Make 2018 the year you fully invest in all the opportunities that your ASNT membership offers by checking these to-dos off your list: Read the Director’s Letter. This is my personal outreach to all members. My tone reflects my position on organization activities with an introspection that may not come across in...
  • A Year of Purpose and Promise

    • | 14 Dec 2017
    As we look toward the beginning of a new year, I’ve been looking at my director’s letters from the last eleven months. I believe each one holds a retrospective view that imparts how I would like you to look at ASNT’s year. I began the year discussing “Truth in NDT” as a living mantra that heralds the expectation of transparency in ASNT’s stated purpose and actions. From our commitment...
  • Essence of Volunteer Leadership

    • | 20 Nov 2017
    I touched on the importance of ASNT’s volunteer leadership in my October letter. This month, I’d like for you to understand what the impact of that leadership means for NDT and ASNT. Leaders are change agents, resolute in the process and the promotion of movement to the betterment of a circumstance or condition. Leadership comes in many forms—both formal and informal. The spirit and desire to “be...
  • See You in Nashville

    • | 16 Oct 2017
    Welcome to another ASNT Annual Conference month. As you are preparing your travel to Nashville and arranging your annual get-togethers and business meetings, know that ASNT is excited to greet you and provide you with the world-class conference experience you deserve and expect. Did you know there are over 60 NDT sister societies around the world? ASNT’s Annual Conference is the most consistent convergence of...
  • Relevancy of NDT Education

    • | 20 Sep 2017
    This month, we celebrate education in nondestructive testing (NDT). From providing the foundational information for someone to choose NDT to offering the internationally renowned certification scheme, ASNT NDT Level II and Level III, ASNT makes an invaluable impact on shaping the perception, reception, and future of NDT. For NDT to remain a strong and globally effective industry, we must prime future generations to...
  • Challenging Ourselves to Be Better

    • | 23 Aug 2017
    Over this past month, headlines from around the globe have begged each of us to assess our own definition of civility and expectations of how we treat the world around us and how it treats us in return. On a macro level, one easily defines right from wrong and recognizes when injustices occur. On a micro (or intimate, personal) level, it’s human nature to use our reason and discernment to comport ourselves situationally...
  • Meaningful Travel

    • | 20 Jul 2017
    Here in the United States, this is the season when many people take time for personal and family holidays. It’s often a time when great rates on travel packages can be found. The days are longer, families look to spend important time together, and thoughts of sandy beaches or far-off getaways fill our minds and spirits. There is an overwhelming need to get out, downshift, and breathe deeply in a city that is not...
  • A Circle of Trust

    • | 20 Jun 2017
    THIS ISSUE OF MATERIALS EVALUATION highlights our business partners and organizations that help support ASNT. These organizations represent some of the finest in the NDT industry, and as you peruse through the listings, I would posit that it should engender a level of trust in both their integrity and competence as organizations that support our society. This really brings to light what we like to refer to as the ASNT...
  • The Inevitability of Change

    • | 19 May 2017
    If there is one constant in our lives today it is the dynamic of change. The weather changes, fashion changes, our moods change, our very relevance can at times change—and most profoundly, the people in our lives change. Change can be both a p...
  • Expanding Perspectives

    • | 19 Apr 2017
    When you read this we will have completed our Spring Research Symposium and hopefully connected with many of you. Our new Board of Directors met in January and will have met again during the Symposium. It’s always exciting and invigorating to b...
  • Staying Relevant and Robust

    • | 21 Mar 2017
    It seems as though we just completed our 75th Annual Conference, and here we are preparing for the 26th ASNT Research Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s been an incredibly busy time and so many exciting things are happening that time real...
  • Advantages of Computer-based Testing

    • | 23 Feb 2017
    Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a profession that transcends boundaries. Yet whether you are in South Korea, India, the United Kingdom, or the United States, one thing is clear: those practicing NDT must be well prepared and qualified to do the work....
  • Truth in NDT

    • | 17 Jan 2017
    It's a statement that is universally accepted in the nondestructive testing (NDT) industry: no matter the type of work that someone is doing, reported results must be complete, accurate, and true. In this industry we know that an honest report is the cornerstone of inspections. Now, as we slowly move into what today’s thinkers describe as a “post-truth” world—a world in which fact is supplanted by personal desires...
  • Bound by a Common Cause

    • | 12 Dec 2016
    The month of December is often a time in which we gather with family members far and wide in the spirit of the holidays, reflecting on the past year, and celebrating the arrival of another.
  • It's Not Luck

    • | 15 Nov 2016
    Sometimes when incredible things happen, we attribute it to luck. But rarely does luck ever truly factor in. Yes, there are things beyond your control that may work in your favor, but you were in the position to benefit because of the decisions you made to get there. And while it can sometimes be that friendly, fateful nudge that puts you over the top, in the long run, it means nothing if you have not applied focus and...
  • A Part of History

    • | 10 Oct 2016
    When I was a young man in 1969, I had the opportunity to attend a music festival on a small farm in New York State. That concert, which featured musicians like the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and Jimi Hendrix, was none other than Woodstock. When I think back about that weekend, I realize that the moment I was part of was of great historical significance to our culture and generation.. I...
  • The Value of Education in NDT

    • | 1 Sep 2016
    Throughout ASNT, everyone understands that for NDT professionals to advance and for the profession to meet the needs of creating a safer world, we must commit our resources and skill without restraint to strengthening and creating NDT educational opportunities at all stages of one’s lifetime.
  • A Report from Germany (WCNDT 2016, Part II)

    • | 1 Aug 2016
    Throughout my career, I’ve learned that one of the greatest bonds that any effective community can have is that of a shared, common experience. The 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT) in Munich, Germany provided such an event for the global NDT community. With that, I’d like to share some observations.
  • A Report from Germany (WCNDT 2016, Part I)

    • | 19 Jul 2016
    Guten Tag! As I write (in June for the July issue) I am in the heart of Munich, Germany with the ASNT Executive Committee and senior staff, attending the 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT). This year’s event was organized ...
  • The ASNT Buyers Guide Defines NDT

    • | 2 Jun 2016
    The Annual Buyers Guides highlights businesses and industries that comprise the vast landscape of nondestructive testing (NDT). From inspection to research to training, the Buyers Guide showcases the growth and importance of our critical profession.
  • An International Committee

    • | 2 May 2016
    This past month, at the 25th ASNT Research Symposium in New Orleans, Louisiana, I had the opportunity to attend and participate in our first International Forum.
  • Why Our Connections Count in NDT

    • | 3 Apr 2016
    The popular astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson (also coincidentally known as NDT) said, in an interview with Time magazine, that the most astounding fact is that “we are all connected—to each other, biologically; to the earth, chemically." It is hard to disagree with that. And I would say that in the business of nondestructive testing (NDT), we are all connected “professionally.”
  • ASNT in an International Scope

    • | 4 Mar 2016
    It was a year ago, in the March 2015 issue of Materials Evaluation, that I announced a small, but important change that would serve as a starting point for the direction ASNT would take in the year to come.
  • Ready for Action

    • | 5 Feb 2016
    Do you remember how stressful it can be figuring things out—where to go, whom to talk to, and who was in charge? When you want to get involved and make a positive difference, it’s crucial to know who else is involved and what work needs to be done.
  • A Happy New Year's Resolution

    • | 6 Jan 2016
    Resolutions are successful when we set clear objectives for ourselves and have a plan to achieve those objectives. We must look at our past accomplishments and work to build on them. We must also commit ourselves wholly to it. If I make resolution, I intend to stick to it.