It's Not Luck

Sometimes when incredible things happen, we attribute it to luck. But rarely does luck ever truly factor in. Yes, there are things beyond your control that may work in your favor, but you were in the position to benefit because of the decisions you made to get there. And while it can sometimes be that friendly, fateful nudge that puts you over the top, in the long run, it means nothing if you have not applied focus and hard work to achieve your goals.

The position we are in today as a Society and profession has nothing to do with luck. It was foresight. It was dedication. It was discipline. It was hard work.

The hard work and dedication that yielded a great number of accomplishments and milestones were on full display this past month at our Annual Conference in Long Beach, California. It was an emotional and inspiring time, to say the least.

You could see the passion and reverence in everyone’s eyes: from our Awards Luncheon on Monday, where we recognized the outstanding accomplishments and contributions from all realms of our profession, to our international reception, where we signed several memorandums of under- standing to forge new, lasting partnerships with sister societies, to our keynote and plenary speakers, short courses, our new Day of Stem with over 100 area high school students, the international forum, town hall meeting, and of course, our celebratory anniversary party aboard the Queen Mary, hosted by the renowned and respected past president, Chuck Hellier.

At this moment, it is clear that ASNT relies on all of us to ensure its stability and success. It’s not luck that our profession has grown from 1 to 16 methods. It’s not luck that created the NDT Handbook. It’s not luck that the NDT Handbook has grown to three editions. It’s not luck that we serve over 16,000 members worldwide. It’s not luck that we’ve issued 32,890 certificates to 14,855 professionals globally. It’s not luck that we had nearly 2000 professionals attending this year’s Annual Conference. It’s not luck that we should attribute to what we’ve done and it will not be luck that we attribute to what we can and will do.

I believe that ASNT’s best years are yet to come and I look forward to what we can accomplish together. We have worked diligently to forge lasting professional and strategic relationships not only with our interna- tional sister societies, but with industry partners headquartered in the United States. These relationships are beginning to bear fruit as we move forward with new initiatives to harmonize our certification programs with ISO 9712 and create a system that can be utilized across nations and industries.

With our partners, we have begun to incorporate joint programming and workshops at each other’s conferences and symposia. These opportunities will provide a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas that will allow our profession to grow in complexity and in stability to address the needs of a 21st century world.

With our partners, we are engaging in new forms of outreach to increase awareness in the general public about what a critical role NDT plays in the business of the world and how the dedication of professionals like you keep them safe in their day-to-day lives.

I am proud to witness how our Society has become a leader in embracing youth STEM outreach to integrate NDT in secondary education. Two years ago, we hosted a STEM event with just 60 students. This year, the ASNT Day of STEM has blossomed to reach over 100 students who experience NDT thanks to dozens of dedicated volunteers, as well as exhibiting companies who graciously allow the students to see, first-hand, the amazing technology at our fingertips.

We are poised for greatness as a Society and with our hard work, we have laid a foundation upon which we can build our profession long-term and realize our mission of creating a safer world in a truly global sense.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and historical perspective to decide how we as a Society can make the coming years as significant and impactful as possible.


Dr. Arny Bereson
Executive Director
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing