Advantages of Computer-based Testing

Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a profession that transcends boundaries. Yet whether you are in South Korea, India, the United Kingdom, or the United States, one thing is clear: those practicing NDT must be well prepared and qualified to do the work. Over the last couple years, ASNT has been making great strides toward ensuring that our certification programs can meet the needs of the growing and evolving 21st century NDT industry. With just a month into 2017, we are positioning our certifications to meet the needs of professionals worldwide and continue to set high standards for performance and practice.

The first major advancement we’ve made this year is the rollout of computer-based testing (CBT) to professionals on every continent. This advancement is not a step, but rather leaps and bounds ahead of where we once were. Prior to this new system, all ASNT certification exams were conducted using the old-fashioned method: paper and pencil. Prior to this new system, all ASNT certification exams had to be conducted in a rigid timeframe around which a candidate must plan his or her career. Prior to this new system, we were moving slower than the speed of the industry. Now, our CBT system opens a world of possibilities for the mobile, technologically connected NDT workforce.

With CBT, certification applicants have more locations to take their exams, with opportunities available at our trusted authorized exam centers (AECs) and new national sponsoring organizations (NSOs) and Pearson VUE testing center. Our AEC and NSO partners offer industry training opportunities and resources that non-AEC/NSO testing locations do not. Pearson VUE testing centers offer the ability to take our certification exams at thousands of locations worldwide. The CBT system also provides a consistent exam experience to reduce variation between centers and proctors in order to give candidates a predictable experience across the board. The entire process is streamlined as well. Candidates will have the ability to schedule their exam times online at a time that is convenient for them, apply and upload documents through a secure online portal, as well as receive instant score results at the testing location. On the administrative end, CBT will reduce time for ISC certification staff to gather and assess applications for completeness.

In the coming months we also intend to focus efforts on two key initiatives. The first is developing relationships and understanding with our international sister societies in order to ensure that ASNT’s certification program will work in harmony with other global models like ISO 9712. The second is revamping and recharging our ACCP Level II certification program in order to ensure it is an effective and sought-after cross-industry certification platform. I am eager to see the fruits that come from our labor on these objectives.

From our strategic plan to our committee meetings to our ISC staff meetings, one message rings clear throughout: every action that is taken, every e-mail written, every piece of paper signed should go toward establishing ASNT as a leader in the global NDT community. I believe that each and every one of us takes that message to heart daily and it shows through what we have accomplished and what it is within our reach. I am proud of where ASNT has come and I truly believe we are poised for greatness.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, ideas, or feedback on our certification programs or any ASNT business and how we can challenge ourselves to be leaders in the 21st century.


Dr. Arny Bereson
Executive Director
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing