Staying Relevant and Robust

It seems as though we just completed our 75th Annual Conference, and here we are preparing for the 26th ASNT Research Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s been an incredibly busy time and so many exciting things are happening that time really flies. Since I have come on board, we have seen highly motivated committees and councils made up of hundreds of volunteers truly focusing on the initiatives that will be discussed at the symposium. These include an ISO 9712 program, a revamping of our ASNT Central Certification Program (ACCP), and serious negotiations aimed at developing mutual recognition programs from existing memorandums of understanding.

It is perfectly natural to ask what the importance of these agreements and programs is to ASNT, and how they will affect and impact our Society. The short answer is that we have once again established our Society as a leader on the world stage and we are seeking programs and methodologies that will both strengthen and enhance the value of membership in ASNT and significantly bolster our certification programs. While recognized as the preeminent certification programs worldwide, it takes constant attention and effort to ensure that these programs not only remain both relevant and robust, but that they continue to be reflective of the needs worldwide of the nondestructive testing (NDT) industry.

To that end, our Executive Committee is working tirelessly and with renewed vigor in concert with the Board of Directors and select committees and councils. It always fills me with a deep sense of admiration when I look at the commitment these fine members have and the tireless efforts they expend for all of us and our members worldwide. It is, after all, our mission “to make the world a safer place through NDT,” and they are both heavily committed to this ideal and address it with a strong sense of purpose. I invite you to attend the 26th ASNT Research Symposium, engage with your officers and Board members, discuss all of these exciting initiatives, and thank them as well for their service. Without their yeoman efforts, we could never achieve the remarkable goals and standards that are set before us.

Our engagement with our international partners continues to gain momentum and as I previously mentioned, we are working to take many of these relationships to a new level through mutual recognition agreements. Why is this important to you? It will open a multitude of opportunities for anyone with ASNT certifications to attain related certifications in these countries and afford the same opportunities to members of those societies to attain ASNT certifications. Tangential to this will be the clear opportunity for a large increase in membership for our Society as many other societies seek to engage in these programs. Moving down this pathway also creates an open commination platform whereby all new and emerging methods, techniques, technologies, and opportunities present themselves to us on a real-time basis.

What has always distinguished ASNT is our ability to recognize change, and either craft a program or platform to address this change, and then integrate that platform or program into our operating methodology. This was, and is now more than ever our mantra, and we remain firmly committed to it. This is serious work, and it requires serious volunteers, staff, and members all working together with this common vision and cause, clearly and steadfastly lighting the path before us. If you are not currently engaged in these efforts, I encourage you to join with us in helping to make the world a safer place. Together we can and will do amazing things in the years ahead. Like all great journeys, it starts with that first small step. Join with us and take that step.

 I look forward to seeing you in Jacksonville, and as always please let us know how we can help to serve you. The staff at the International Service Center is committed to helping you in any way we can, just let us know.


Dr. Arnold "Arny" Bereson
ASNT Executive Director