A Circle of Trust

THIS ISSUE OF MATERIALS EVALUATION highlights our business partners and organizations that help
support ASNT. These organizations represent some of the finest in the NDT industry, and as you
peruse through the listings, I would posit that it should engender a level of trust in both their
integrity and competence as organizations that support our society. This really brings to light what we
like to refer to as the ASNT Circle of Trust. Just as we trust these organizations to subscribe to the
highest standards, so do you, our members, expect the same of all of us at the International Service
Center (ISC). It does not, however, stop there. All of your customers and clients expect the same of
you, and extending a bit further, the general public expects the same of them, as well. So, in effect
there are three circles of trust: the first surrounds the general public, the second, the clients and
customers you serve, and the third, you, our members.

This is a very important dynamic that we should always hold close and never cease to remember.
You have been reading in the President’s Letter of the import not just of doing your job well, but of
doing it inculcating the very highest of standards and integrity. To say that people’s lives depend on
this is indeed an understatement. I have always ascribed to the notion that the true measure of an
individual is what they would do if no one were watching and no one would ever really know what
they did. I feel extremely confident that you, our members, integrate this notion into everything you
do, for as I just articulated, lives depend on this. So in essence, this is the second circle of trust: your
clients and customers expecting you to deliver excellence. The proemial circle is of course the public
trusting the organizations you serve to protect their safety by ensuring that structural failures and
accidents never happen. An interesting component of this trust is that it is inherent by virtue of organizational
public opinion, or conversely absent in the same manner.

The third circle of trust is the trust that you, our members, place on our Society to maintain and
deliver both robust and appropriate certifications, ensuring that the integrity of these certifications is
never eroded; craft and publish excellence in our journals and handbooks; deliver conferences,
workshops, and symposia with state of the art content; and represent you in a professional and
appropriate manner. This most inner circle of trust is one that we hold with the greatest level of
reverence, for it is deeply embedded in why we exist as your staff, and of course the mission of our

Trust, as we all know, is an interesting dynamic; it takes years to accomplish, but can erode in a
second. So as we at the ISC endeavor to ensure that the circle of trust we are charged with upholding
is constantly maintained, so should you ensure that the next level of trust resting on your shoulders
is maintained, as well. It is what makes us who we are and we cannot afford to do less. All of us at
the ISC remain confident in your maintaining this circle, and we remain committed to you by doing
the same.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions and look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Arnold “Arny” Bereson
ASNT Executive Director