See You in Nashville

Welcome to another ASNT Annual Conference month. As you are preparing your travel to Nashville and arranging your annual get-togethers and business meetings, know that ASNT is excited to greet you and provide you with the world-class conference experience you deserve and expect.

Did you know there are over 60 NDT sister societies around the world? ASNT’s Annual Conference is the most consistent convergence of international NDT leadership, practitioners, academicians, researchers, and industry sector stakeholders each year. The global representation at the ASNT Annual Conference is unprecedented by any other NDT organization or group on an annual basis. Of the global coalition meetings occurring, ASNT will meet with the European Federation for NDT (EFNDT), and the Pan-American Conference for NDT (PANNDT) will conduct the only formal meeting of delegates outside of the World Conference on NDT.

As the recognized leader, we strongly believe, as stated in our strategic plan, that unification begins with us. ASNT prides itself as a central figure in the international relationships and collaborations that keep the industry advancing to improve the environment for the entire NDT community. A manifestation of ASNT’s international partnerships providing timely industry knowledge is a new technical session in collaboration with ABENDI (Brazilian Association of NDT and Inspection) and Flexible Riser Integrity Management (FRIM), offered on Monday, 30 October at the Annual Conference.

Also on Monday, I invite you to be an active participant at the Town Hall immediately after the Annual Business Meeting. This session will be dedicated to the topic of proposed bylaw changes for governance efficiency. Ultimately, we want each member’s investment of time and dues to be spent in a way that produces optimal results. The proposed changes seek to realign priorities and responsibilities for the betterment of the Society. Please lend your voice to the discussion. We endeavor for transparency and welcome your thoughts as we move forward together.

As a registered nonprofit with the US government, there are specific expectations regarding our prudent stewardship to support our mission, of which we are consistently vigilant. We maintain critical oversight to ensure funding for the organization’s stability and, equally important, the resources and activities to advance the mission: ASNT exists to create a safer world by advancing scientific, engineering, and technical knowledge in the field of nondestructive testing. There is a delicate and dynamic balance to the management of funds. I understand the concerns of some that income should be solely reinvested and banked for the profitability of the organization. The viability of ASNT is why investing heavily in resources and programs across many areas that underscore the essence of the mission is essential. Every resource allocated to a program or initiative ensures the solidity of infrastructures to support ASNT’s readiness for a growing industry, engendering global NDT awareness, educating and encouraging future NDT professionals, and providing world-class tools to support each member’s career success.

ASNT’s outreach every year through local and national events and the hallmark ASNT Day of STEM hosted at the Research Symposium and Annual Conference are examples of our mindful discernment of resource usage. This dynamic day not only educates high school participants on NDT but also imparts meaningful opportunities for students and educators to learn more about choosing NDT as a career. ASNT is the first society to undertake this initiative in a consistent, programmatic way. We are sharing our successes with sister societies and have seen some organizations already modeling outreach programs to engage this demographic of eager learners who are beginning to chart paths for their futures. The impact and success of the ASNT Day of STEM have quickly spread among members, national education groups, and conference exhibitors, leading to several sponsors of the event. If you would like to volunteer at this year’s ASNT Day of STEM on Tuesday, 31 October, I encourage you to contact ASNT Program Coordinator Jessica Ames for information.

ASNT’s volunteer leadership is key in spreading the global vision of ASNT and its outlook on NDT. In addition to our dedicated sitting board members, we are pleased to welcome three new directors-at-large and Secretary-Treasurer David Savoy to the volunteer leadership team. Please join me in making them feel welcomed when you see them at the conference. Every ASNT member’s contribution is integral to ASNT’s growth and relevance. Each board member possesses a unique perspective on NDT along with his or her desire to see the industry promulgated throughout education and industry sectors. If you have the passion, we have a place for you on the board.

I look forward to seeing you in Nashville at the end of this month. We anticipate exceeding your expectations, so please introduce yourself to ASNT staff and let them know about your conference experience. Safe travels, and, as always, do not hesitate to contact me personally if you have any questions.

ASNT Executive Director