Volunteers to review a Chapter of the UT LII study Guide needed URGENTLY

Folks,  this is a bit of an URGENT request.  I need only a few volunteers that are willing to review a single chapter of the Level II UT study guide.  The Publications committee has basically returned the latest version of the latest version of the Study guide as they feel it still some things in the UT Level II Study Guide revision that still need to be addressed. The Urgency comes from the Old version copies are running out and ISC will need to go to print with the new version soon or reprint the old version. This is a very good seller in terms of revenue for ASNT and we need to get this completed sooner than later.

I would like 4 to 6 people to volunteer via e-mail to me ( keckdl@bp.com) and I will send you only one chapter of the study guide to review. that will limit the time you spend on it and allow for a quicker turn around.  I am targeting getting this all completed and into ISC by the end of the year so they can go to print after the new year.

Chapters I have for review are,

Chapter. 1, Overview. . .History of Ultrasonic Testing , Advantages and Limitations of Ultrasonic Testing and Principles of Ultrasonic Testing

Chapter 2: Equipment

Chapter 3: Techniques . .

Chapter 4: Detection and Evaluation of Indications

All chapters will be sent to the volunteers in word format so you can simply track changes and move through your assigned chapter quickly.  there are a couple of diagrams that will require corrections/modifications.  In those cases you can either submit the corrected diagram or flag that diagram, explain changes to be made and we will make the changes as noted.

Thanks to everyone for continues support of ASNT.  I look forward to your responses