The Importance of the ASNT Annual Conference

When I became Executive Director of ASNT in January this year, I quickly learned about the importance of the ASNT Annual Conference. I learned that this event, a staple in ASNT’s history for nearly 75 years, is the largest single gathering of the nondestructive testing (NDT) community in the world. I learned that people attend for the lifelong partnerships they develop. I learned that this conference sets the stage for how ASNT will lead the NDT community for the years ahead. Clearly, the value, strength, and staying power of the Annual Conference are remarkable and should serve as a fountain of pride for our Society.

The 2015 Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah will be my first, and I am eager see on display all that our members have accomplished in the last year, as well as all how our Society intends to move forward as a leader on the global stage. I would like to talk about some of ASNT’s important advancements this year and how they will be accessible to you at the Annual Conference.

At the Annual Conference, we will hold a Town Hall Meeting to present ASNT’s new Strategic Plan, A Global Vision, and gather more input and direction from our members. I invite all of you to this meeting. Join the discussion, and share your views on where our priorities should be. We can only be successful if we direct our energies with a laser focus, so your opinions are of great importance.

In building upon our diligent and dedicated engagement with the international community, we will finalize and sign several new memoranda of understanding with our international partners. These agreements will form the bedrock for mutual understanding and synergistic activity ultimately benefiting all of you, our members, and everyone in the NDT community.

Additionally, as an outward manifestation of our international engagement, there will be more international attendees and additional meetings focused on global issues and international cooperation and engagement among societies. I believe this will be a fine opportunity to meet new colleagues and understand how ASNT operates in the global structure.

Next, I am excited to announce that, with a renewed focus toward informing the public about NDT, we are inviting local high school students to attend an educational session introducing them to NDT, the excellent career opportunities it affords, and how they can become engaged. This new component is just the beginning of our initiative to educate the public about NDT and why we play an important role in their everyday lives.

This year’s Conference will also feature an orientation session to share information about how event “First Timers” can make the most of their conference (and ASNT) experience. Coupled with the excellent lectures and presentations from conference leaders and International Service Center (ISC) staff, it will provide a rich landscape to new attendees, as well as those of you who are veterans of these meetings.

Finally, we have welcomed new staff members in the positions of public relations and brand manager, sections coordinator, and program coordinator. These new staff members will be at the conference, and I strongly encourage you to meet them, share your insights and perspectives, and express how they, and the rest of the staff at the ISC, may serve you more effectively.

We are poised for greatness and the initiatives and programs we are developing will clearly get us there. Our world is becoming smaller by the day, and it is critical that all of us in the NDT community work together. The 2015 ASNT Annual Conference will be an excellent place to do just that. I look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake City.


Dr. Arny Bereson
Executive Director
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing