ASNT in an International Scope

It was a year ago, in the March 2015 issue of Materials Evaluation, that I announced a small, but important change. Our central offices that house ASNT staff, operations, resources, and programs would no longer be known as headquarters or “HQ,” but instead receive a title that is fitting of what we do and whom we serve: the International Service Center.

This change came at a time in which we, as a Society, began to open up and embrace the truth that ASNT is truly international in its scope. With globalization and communication rapidly changing the business and economic landscape, we knew that we could no longer turn a blind eye to what was happening all around us. We knew that we had to be involved.

Since that time, I am proud to report that our members, staff, and Board of Directors have made great strides to see that we live up to that fact by taking a collaborative, global approach to accomplishing our goals.

First, I am proud to share that the officers of the Board have been traveling extensively, mostly on their own time, to personally connect with their volunteer counterparts representing ASNT’s sister societies. This face-to-face contact is crucial to building healthy, lasting relationships, establishing a deeper level of mutual understanding, and demonstrating that ASNT is a thoughtful, participative Society with a proactive, dedicated leadership that is ready to listen and engage. These meetings are critical to laying a strong foundation to fulfill our mission.

Another important development recently is that ASNT will serve as the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to eight subcommittees in the International Standards Organization (ISO). As we work towards our goal of the global harmonization of certification systems, this appointment allows us the opportunity to provide our certification perspective to the standards process, and also serves as an opportunity to listen and understand the needs of other certification schemes.

I am also proud to report that we have submitted a bid to the International Committee for Non-Destructive Testing (ICNDT) to host the 2024 World Conference on Nondestructive Testing (WCNDT). While I firmly believe that we have the resources and expertise within our membership and staff to create and worthwhile and memorable program, I know that collaborating with other societies in ICNDT will make for an exceptionally powerful and inclusive experience.

And as we have done over the last year, the Board of Directors will continue to identify new partnerships and strengthen existing relationships with other NDT societies as well as organizations like ASTM International, the American Welding Society, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Petroleum Institute, and NACE International that share similar philosophies and goals of creating a safer world. We are eager for every chance to meet and exchange ideas with all of these critical groups.

This progress is exciting and it could never have occurred without your involvement, without your input, and without your dedication and enthusiasm for what this Society can become. It is clear, no matter which country you are from, which certification you hold, or which societies you are involved with, you are reading this because you share something in common with everyone else in your profession: the desire to create a safer world.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas for how ASNT can best serve the international community. Please feel free to e-mail, call, or visit us here at the International Service Center.


Dr. Arny Bereson
Executive Director
The American Society for Nondestructive Testing